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[8-2013] - Ran Kirlian - Complex Silence 38 (The Shape of Memories)



The Shape of Memories is a long-form piece released at Complex Silence project (Volume 38). A combination of smooth textures with field recordings of a rainy autum afternoon conforms a soundworld to illustrate the passing of time thru our memories.

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[3-2013] - Oöphoi & Ran Kirlian - The Physics of Heaven



The Physics of Heaven is a collaborative work with italian ambient master Oöphoi (Gianluigi Gasparetti). It is a bright and ethereal jouney that explores the transition between life and death thru different spiritual traditions and mythologies.

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[3-2013] - Ran Kirlian & Jaja - Cosmos 1


Cosmos is the first collaborative work between Ran Kirlian and the german based electronic ambient composer Jaja (Jana Rockstroh). The result of this work is a bast and poweful flow of pure space-ambient music based on improvisations. It is also the first album on a series of electronic space-ambient dedicated to the magnificence of the Universe and the figure of one of its biggest explorers: Carl Sagan.


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