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[11-2009] New album: Dissolution


Dissolution is the new exploration into dark ambient realms by Ran Kirlian after four years in the making and several sound experiments and project evolutions. The result is a collection of 11 new tracks exploring sound in a very organic way, where synth drones melts with environmental noises, acoustic sounds and voices to create soundworlds that drives the listener from the deeps of the earth to the cosmic void. As a preview of the album, here it comes the video from the track Syrtis Major, with a 3D graphics animation created by Ran Kirlian.



Ran Kirlian - Syrtis Major

[7-2009] Mystical Veil - improvisation trilogy

Live improvisation recordings based on Alesis Ion, Nord Rack 2x and Doepfer modular system. These videos combines images from the recording sessions and home takes with lot of effects and edition.

[6-2009] New albums available for free download

Just as I've done before, I've decided to share some more of my music just for free in order to promote and spread my own work. This time the albums are shared at Jamendo website under Creative Commons License. They are Obscurity and Melting Point, two of my most acclaimed early works. These albums are pretty special for me because they marked my path to follow and my serious entering into dark and tribal ambient styles. Just follow the links or hit the images to jump jamendo site to listen or download the albums.



[3-2009] - Hipertóxica


Hipertóxica, is a new raw improvisation and video, this time more into dark/industrial fields with additional abstract and manipulated images for visual ambiences. This track is based on the groove generated with a Korg MS2000 old school step sequencer while playing a Nord Rack 2x for leads and tweaking parameters on both machines. The video, again, mixes images from the recording session with some infrared captures I did this same evening. Recorded as it sounds on december 2008 at The BlueRoom by Ran Kirlian.

Description: sequence/drone jam with Korg MS2000, Clavia Nord Rack 2x & Korg Kaoss Pad 3.

All color and infrared video images recorded with Sony V3 and edited with Sony Vegas.

[1-2009] - Somnis (drone jam)


Real-time recording while getting some fun with Waldorf Q filters (few days after purchase it) and drifting pads from Oberheim OB12 and Access Virus Indigo. This drone track mostly drifts on few notes while playing paramenters on the machines (specially filters). The video features images from the recording session with some ladscape captures I did on these days.

Recorded on december 2008 at The BlueRoom by Ran Kirlian.No additional audio effects or enhancements. Video edition with Sony Vegas.

Synths: Waldorf Q, Oberheim OB12 & Access Virus Indigo.



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