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[10-2012] - Ran Kirlian - Mystical Veils

Mystical Veils is the first volume in the Woomh Series, a new series of mini-albums and EPs in downloadable format presented by Altera Orbe. This EP collects 3 electronic pieces recorded live in 2009 in a different style Ran Kirlian music uses to be, with pulsating sequences and textures, a bit away from classical ambient genres. Those tracks were previously published in video format from the recording sessions.

All music composed, performed, recorded and mixed by Ran Kirlian at The Blue_Room in 2009 and mastered in 2012.

Sound sources includes analog and digital synthesizers.

[10-2012] - Ran Kirlian - Formations

Formations defines a journey to the core of Ran Kirlian's tribal-ambient landscapes prevously visited on albums like Sleeper, Melting Point and Limbo. Most of the music of Formations is based on live performances.

Recorded between 2009 and 2011 and mastered by Max Corbacho.

Ran Kirlian - Formations (preview) by Ran Kirlian

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[10-2012] - Ran Kirlian & Vauxia Errante in Cambrian Spirits

Ran Kirlian produces and collaborates in Cambrian Spirits, the first album of dark-ambient artist Vauxia Errante, a new signing artist on the ambient label Altera Orbe.

Cambrian Spirits is a dark and deep subterranean-ambient work full of drones, complex textures and field recordings from the underworld. The album, recorded during 20011 and 2012 features Ran Kirlian on synths, flutes and tribal grooves on some tracks as well as on production.

This is the first album from other artist in which Ran Kirlian acts as producer, an experience that probably will be done again in a near future.

You can preview Cambrian Spirits at soundcloud. Available atVauxia Errante BandCamp site

[8-2012] - Ran Kirlian in Bandcamp

My first 5 albums are now available at Bandcamp, including Shore of Darkness, my long time unavailable album from year 2000 now completely remastered from the original tracks, including redone album artwork and a bonus track from this era entitled Darknest Shore.

The available albums are Shore of Darkness, Obscurity, Isolated Landscapes, Melting Point and Limbo, all of them in FLAC loseless format and including a printer-ready booklet with extended artwork for only $5,00 USD each one.



[6-2012] - New release: Ran Kirlian - Continuum

Continuum marks the return of Ran Kirlian to space ambient atmospheres and ethereal soundscapes, collecting music recorded from 2005 to 2010 and mixed in 2011.

Ran Kirlian - Continuum by Ran Kirlian

[6-2012] - New release: Ran Kirlian & Landru - Waterfront

A pulsating and evolving collection of live improvisations between the dark ambient alchemist Ran Kirlian and the electronic landscaper Landru.

Ran Kirlian & Landru - Waterfront by Ran Kirlian


[3-2012] - Altera Orbe - Ambient Music Label

Altera Orbe is an independent music label owned and managed by the ambient artists Ran Kirlian & Landru. It is mainly focused on the promotion and diffusion of space, electronic, tribal and dark ambient musical genres. Altera Orbe borns as a digital download division of ad21 Music label as they will focus exclusively on the release, distribution and mailorder sales of physical products from now on.

Altera Orbe

In our website ( you may find an online CD & Digital Download Store supporting the works and projects of the artists that belong to the label: Bruno Sanfilippo, Landru, Max Corbacho, Ran Kirlian and our partners from Relaxed Machinery record label. Our Digital Download products are offered both in high quality lossless FLAC files and MP3 files including a complete set of the cover artwork in a hi-resolution print ready format, all packaged in a single file for simpler and faster downloading with affordable prices.

In order to show some of the music we are releasing in Antera Orbe we've created a SoundCloud account with a almost 2 hours of music. You can get informed of our lastest releases by subscribing our newsletter or following us at Altera Orbe in Facebook.

As metioned in the previous entry, Dissolution can now be purchased in variety of ways: as a limited CDr edition, as digital download in FLAC loseless format and MP3/256kbps format, all three available at Altera Orbe ambient music label and store. It can also be download for free at Jamendo in MP3/192kbps format. The limited CDr edition is only a 25 units run, so hurry up to get your copy!

We've also re-released my two album compilations from year 2007 named Selected Works I (tribal-ambient music) and Selected Works II (ethereal and textures). While they will keep available from Jamendo in mp3/192kbps as free downloads, the new editions have been remastered, remixed and sound enhanced and also includes booklets with print ready quality. They can be found in FLAC loseless format at 5.00€ each one or in MP· format at 256kbps on 3.00€.


Selected Works Vols. I Selected Works Vols. II


[2-2012] - Dissolution Limited CDr edition

Dissolution is the lastest exploration into dark ambient realms by Ran Kirlian after four years in the making and several sound experiments and project evolutions. The album collecte music in a very organic way, where synth drones melts with environmental noises, acoustic sounds and voices to create soundworlds that drives the listener from the deeps of the earth to the cosmic void. More info

Now, two years after the first edition it has been recorded in CDr format and ready for purchase. It will be presented in a limited edition of 25 units and will soon be ready to purchase from my upcomming record label. If you want a copy, please stay tunned.

[1-2012] - Mimas

Improvisation recorded at The Blue_Room on january 1, 2012 by Ran Kirlian.

Mimas is a moon of Saturn which was discovered in 1789 by William Herschel. It is named after Mimas, a son of Gaia in Greek mythology, and is also designated Saturn I. With a diameter of 396 kilometres (246 mi) it is the twentieth-largest moon in the Solar System and is the smallest known astronomical body that is rounded in shape due to self-gravitation.


  • Roland Juno 60: drone
  • Oberheim OB12 & Novation Nova: pads & textures
  • Access Virus Indigo 2 Redback: lead pads
  • Access Virus Indigo, Roland JP 8080 & Waldorft Microwave XT: secondary and chord pads
  • DSI Mono Evolver Keyboard: sequences
  • Moog Animoog on iPad2 thru Omega Lexicon: effects


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