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[12-2010] - Rinjuu


Rinjuu (deathbed) - a studio jam starring:

  • Alesis Ion & Nord Rack 2x: drone, pads & modulated sounds
  • Eurorack modular system: noises, bass & groove
  • DSI Mono Evolver Keyboard: occasional distorted pad
  • Reaktor Player 5.0 + Spacedrone Mod 1: drones
  • Use Audio Plugiator (Pro 12)+ Novation Launchpad: pads & noises
  • Additional sounds: vocal overtone recordings at begining and end of the track

All images and footage recorded, edited and mixed by Ran Kirlian

[11-2010] - Interview & Blue_Room Studio Tour 2010


I've been interviewd recently on Los Sueños Lúcidos de Alicia, aradio and podcast spanish program mostly based on interviews of all kind of style based artists. The program plays weekly on TEA FM (98.9 FM, Zaragoza) and has an online player with 64 kbps audio quality that I embed here:


You can also download the interview on 192kbps audio quality from this megaupload link: Sueños Lúcidos de Alicia nº35

My interview, shared with others, starts on minute 32 and last for 20 or 25 minutes. The audio is in spanish, as well as the complete transcripted text I share on this pdf file: entrevista para SLA.

Additionally, I've created a video tour thru my home studio, The Blue_Room, as a multimedia support for the interview, where I talk about my tools (mostly synthesizers) while I show and play most of them. The audio on this video is also in spanish, but I'm considering to prepare another version with english subtittles.

[9-2010] - Subaquàtica II & Threniar Vish


Two new tracks recorded live in the studio with video were shared during the summer. They are not being assigned to any specific project yet while they are several work in progress over the table. I expect to release my upcomming album before the end of the year, which also includes some similar "live in the studio" recordings. For now, just enjoy these new music.


Threniar Vish

Ambient improvisation based over the Roland Juno 60 drone. The other instruments are the Access Virus Indigo and Indigo 2 Redback. All audio is processed thru a TC Electronics M-One with some reverb.

All color were recorded with a Pentax Optio H90 and infrared video images recorded with Sony V3; both were edited and mixed with Sony Vegas.




Subaquàtica II

Live version. The vocal drone comes from the MS2000, which plays a slow sequence with a lot of delay and also reverb and vocal morphing effect. Ion also plays slow organ-like arps with latch on right keyboard part and pads and noises with left keyboard part. Most of the pads comes from the OB12.

It exists more versions of this track, some much larger. The drone has been used on a collaborative track entitled Carboniferous Dawn with Max Corbacho for his upcomming album Deep Time.

Jellyfish images were recorded at the Oceanogràphic aquarium in Valencia (Spain) 2 years ago with my old Sony V1, sorry for the bad quality.


[1-2010] -Encélado


Improvisation playing some singing bowls (both striking and by friction) over a drone made with DSI Evolver Keyboard (beside the upper bowl) and Ensoniq Fizmo.

Evolver drones with a sequence and some extra reverb all along the track, while Fizmo makes notes from an arpegio and when playing by me. Bowl drone starts on 2:35

Recorded live at The Blue_Room on january 1, 2010


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