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[12-2007] - New albums: Selected Works Vols. I & II

Brief collection of Ran Kirlian music thru the years from 2000 to 2007. This double album collects tribal-ambient (vol I) and dark and space-ambient sides (vol II), including 4 previously unreleased tracks and 2 rare live versions. You can download for free the full albums in zip files, including all tracks in mp3 at 128kbps 256kbps and cover art.


Forthcoming releases

In this silent months I've also did several studio upgrades (as well as moving from house). My studio gear increased and I recorded several stuff. Some of these tracks will be in development for some months yet, while some will be released very soon. I've also improved some old recordings I specially like and I hope you enjoy. Here is a list of forthcoming albums to be released in the future.

  • Phobos & Deimos: double album, space ambient recorded between 2005-2007.
  • Private Rooms I-III: 3 cd collection of unreleased tracks. Rare, experimental and study sessions recorded between 2003 & 2007, not outtakes from albums.
  • Materia: tribal, atmospheric and experimental soundworlds recorded between 2005-2007.
  • Live Act: new private live performance full of new compositions will be released just at it was recorded live.


Previous releases

Sleeper - based on a privated live performance, this album tries to explore some personal experiences around lucid dreaming. Combining both atmospheric and tribal sides, it describes a new path into my music and my own way of living. Source material was recorded in summer 2003 and treated during next moths before the end of the year.

Elements in Motion - after 3 years of exploring new paths in the dark-ambient side of my music, this album collects some tracks that I prepared slowly and deeply. I wanted to do my best on it, and close friends points it as my best album til now. Mostly dark and drone based, source material comes from field recordings, voice and found sounds. Synthesizers have here a minimal presence.

Melting Point (Remastered BlueRoom edition) - reedition of one of my most acclaimed albums, now improved in sound quality including a redesigned cover art.

Obscurity (Remastered BlueRoom edition) - another reedition with improved sound quality including redesigned cover art based in my 3D art explorations.

Limbo (Remastered BlueRoom edition) - Improved too, now includes 4 new unreleased tracks from the time it was recorded. Also includes redesigned cover art.

Isolated Landscapes (Remastered BlueRoom edition) - remastered version of a collection of old tracks, including a bonus track of 20 minutes from same era. Redesigned cover art.




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