June 2013 - I hear the woods whispering & I hear the wind singing

I hear the woods whispering (4 tracks, 72 minutes) and I hear the wind singing (5 tracks, 56 minutes) are two new albums by Oöphoi released at Practicing Nature/Databloem record label. Both albums contains previously unreleased music.

Not long before his passing Oophoi gave us the recordings of two, previously unreleased parts from the "I Hear" trilogy. Part one I Hear The Water Dreaming was a collaboration with Louisa John-Krol and released in 2005. The other parts "I Hear The Wind Singing" and "I Hear The Woods Whispering" were initially meant for further collaboration but for some reason this never came off the ground. On Gigi's request we (Databloem) edited and released the basic tracks, with artwork from his beloved wife Alessandra. Both albums showcase, in retrospect, Oophoi's talents for creating aural paintings of nature in a pure and soothing way.


April 2013 - The Physics of Heaven Released

The Physics of Heaven is a collaborative work between Italian ambient master Oöphoi (Gianluigi Gasparetti) and Spanish ambient composer Ran Kirlian. It is a limited edition album released at Altera Orbe record label in CDR, FLAC and MP3 format.

The Physics of Heaven was an unfinished project that my friend Gigi asked me (Ran Kirlian) to finish some months ago by adding "anything I wanted to add without restrictions". And so, I added layers of pads, choirs, voices and field recordings, etc. while trying to remain faithful to the initial concept of this work: a journey, a transition between life and death. In the end, it is a collection of feelings and ideas that explores the meaning of life and also the meaning of death, both through different spiritual traditions and mythologies. As our common friend Dave Ebacher said in the introduction of the album:


On “Amnios: The Complete Recordings”, Oöphoi envisioned the very beginnings of life. Now in collaboration with Ran Kirlian, Oöphoi explores what Heaven may be like on “The Physics of Heaven”. From the first Breath and Ascend, the ethereal chords and pads are light-filled, providing the listener with a broad sense of uneasy serenity with natural sounds. Seamlessly, a sagacity of the enigmatic prevails as one looks across the White Shores of fluid pads with no end in sight... Just past the midway point, the colors turn to more obscure hues through the granular drones of Transmigration, unfolding only to The Golden Fields of peace with some of the brightest tenors over waves that fade, leaving the last few notes of life. Upon death, there is a reflection on legacy, the footsteps left behind...

Oöphoi and Ran Kirlian have left us with not just the soundscapes to contemplate, but the eternal.