Discography: Umbra releases

Oöphoi's own label for ambient drone music, located in Umbria province, Italy. Apart from the regular catalogue the label has also reissued remastered copies of Klaus Wiese's back catalogue. The sublabel Penumbra follows the main styles of the parent label but all releases are of EP length. Though some releases are numbered, most releases were also limited to a quantity of 99 copies. Early releases come in regular size slimcases, but were gradually replaced with the typical oversized paper sleeves as the slimcases were deemed to be too fragile.

Although there has been no official announcement, label stock stopped being replenished in early 2008 and most of the remaining stock was purchased by Hypnos.

Umbra releases catalogue ranged from number Umbra 001 to Umbra 068 and a different series for Klaus Wiese remastered back discography, ranging from KW 001 to KW 049.


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Umbra also had a sublabel named Penumbra specialized in EP length releases.


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