White Angel

Track list:

1.- White Angel I (Lyra solo)6:12
2.- White Angel II (Lyra & Polymorph)9:57
3.- White Angel III (Lyra solo)3:38
4.- White Angel IV (Lyra solo)7:18
5.- White Angel V (Lyra & Indigo)7:05
6.- White Angel VI (Lyra & Polymorph) 6:07

Complete set: 40:17 

White Angel is the alternative name of the Lyra-8 synthesizer created by Soma Laboratory. It is, also, the title of my newest minialbum, as the Lyra-8 is the main instrument used on the tracks included on it. This project contains 40+ minutes of sonic explorations beyond ambient boundaries.

Synths: Soma Laboratory Lyra-8 (all tracks), Quasimidi Polymorph (tracks 2 & 6), Access Virus Indigo (track 5) Effects: Waves Trueverb, TC Electronic M3000 (tracks 1 & 5) and Valhalla Shimmer (track 6)


All music composed, performed and produced by Ran Kirlian
Cover artwork by Ran Kirlian

Recorded, mixed and mastered at The Blue_Room, May-June 2019


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