The Shape of Memories

Track list:

1.- The Shape of Memories66:33

Complete set: 66:33 

The Shape of Memories was originally released in 2013 for Phillip Wilkerson' Complex Silence Project and has been unavailable for some time. It has been rereleased in 2018, remastered and having some parts mixed again from the source in order to enhance the experience and fix some minor issues.
This album was conceived as a long-form piece by combining smooth textures and minimal melodic weight with field recordings of a rainy autum afternoon, and it ended as a melancholic picture of the passing of time thru our memories. It has been described by many listeners as one of the most delicated works I've ever done.


Composed, recorded and produced at The Blue_Room by Ran Kirlian, 2012-2013 and remastered in 2018.
Art layout and cover pictures by Ran Kirlian.

Ran Kirlian: analog and digital synthesizers, samplers and field recordings.

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