The Physics of Heaven (with Oöphoi)

Track list:

1.- Breath10:28
2.- Ascend15:35
3.- White Shores I20.10
4.- White Shores II9:12
5.- Transmigration11:32
6.- The Golden Fields5:48

Complete set: 72:48 

On “Amnios: The Complete Recordings”, Oöphoi envisioned the very beginnings of life. Now in collaboration with Ran Kirlian, Oöphoi explores what Heaven maybe like on “The Physics of Heaven”. From the first Breath and the Ascent, the ethereal cords and pads are light filled providing the listener with a broad sense of uneasy serenity with natural sounds. Seamlessly, a sagacity of the enigmatic prevails as one looks across the White Shores of fluid pads with no end in sight… Just past the midway, the colors turn to obscurer hues through the granular drones of Transmigration unfolding only to The Golden Fields of peace with some of the brightest tenors over waves that fade, leaving the last few notes of life. Upon death, there is a reflection on legacy, the footsteps left behind…

Oöphoi and Ran Kirlian have left us with more than just the soundscapes to contemplate but the eternal.

Dave Ebacher, 2013


All music composed & performed by Oöphoi & Ran Kirlian
Recorded at The Kiva, 2009-2011 and The Blue_Room, 2012-2013
Mixed and mastered by Ran Kirlian

Oöphoi: synths, sampling machines, singing bowls, voices, field recordings
Ran Kirlian: synths, samplers, bells, shakers, voices, field recordings, additional treatment

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