Selected Works II

Track list:

1.- Divided Zones2:58
2.- Host Creaturesmp3 download7:26
3.- Initial Flow I4:18
4.- In Aeternum Part IIImp3 download8:52
5.- Black Surface6:05
6.- Beauty8:03
7.- Veronica2:00
8.- Fade Out 87:32
9.- Pisaura Mirabilis5:15
10.- Obscure Angels4:27
11.- Cortical Landscapesmp3 download8:56
12.- Beyond the Stars11:28

Complete set: 77:25 

Brief collection of Ran Kirlian music thru the years from 2000 to 2007. This second part collects mostly dark and space-ambient sides, including 2 previously unreleased tracks (Veronica from 2004 and Pisaura Mirabilis from 2007, just recorded for this album) and a rare live version of Cortical Landscapes from 2005.


Sound sources includes synthesizers, samplers, voices, groove percussion, bells and treated found sounds

All tracks composed, performed, arranged and produced by Ran Kirlian at The Blue_Room between 2000 and 2007.

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