Track list:

1.- Part I - Perimetro 0-1mp3 download13:51
2.- Part II - Drowned12:29
3.- Part III - Flying18:49
4.- Part IV - Beautymp3 download8:15
5.- Part V - The Gatemp3 download7:12
6.- Part VI - Beyond the Stars11:37

Complete set: 72:13 

Synths, drones & treated sounds. A very intimal album full of beauty and pain forming a dense atmospheric journey into darkness. Layers and layers of environmental synthesis covered with sad melodies. Six floating pieces melted forming a drifting experience into one unique 73 mins flow. Recorded at The Kennel on summer 2000. New remastered version includes sound enhancement, additional details and redesigned cover art.


All tracks composed, performed, arranged and produced by Ran Kirlian at The Kennel on summer 2000.

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