Melting Point

Track list:

1.- Obscure Angels (Part II)3:24
2.- Summoning Spellmp3 download1:49
3.- Sly Desertmp3 download8:09
4.- Ascension7:18
5.- Ov Ommon3:02
6.- Cave of Forgotten Firesmp3 download6:58
7.- Inside the Crypt2:38
8.- Arc 326:25
9.- Obscure Angels (Part I)9:38
10.- Dormant State17:44
11.- Nepenthesmp3 download5:19

Complete set: 69:45 

Including live and studio recordings, again this album mixes electronic ambiences, world elements and deep grooves forming a complex flow of environments to give a rich journey between imaginary realms. Melting Point tries to locate the fusion place between technology and primigenial elements. Featuring layers of synths with acoustic instruments as flutes, didges, voices, bells, natural sounds and tribal grooves, iit ncludes collaborative support by the artist & friend Patrick van de Ven, where specially brights in the track Cave of Forgotten Fires.


This album was remastered in 2004, including redesigned cover art by Ran Kirlian.

All tracks composed, performed, arranged and produced by Ran Kirlian at The Kennel 2000 - 2001 Cave of Forgotten Fires featuring Patrick van de Ven on groove percussion, ethnic flutes and rainstick

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