Track list:

1.- Suria3:32
2.- Samadhi14:23
3.- Nuagesmp3 download4:02
4.- Pandemonium6:35
5.- The End of Existencemp3 download5:40
6.- Dark Light7:41
7.- Molakwa Gates4:36
8.- Divided Zones3:20
9.- Indocaliamp3 download4:36
10.- Spirits Return7:22
11.- Limbomp3 download8:22
12.- Critical Orbit4:56
13.- Missing Angel4:40

Complete set: 79:45 

Electronics and world sounds meets on this album with both tribal and dark ambient styles, forming a complete collection of my experiences in these fields. Composed and recorded between 1999 and 2001 at The Kennel and made during Shore of Darkness and Obscurity era, this album contains tracks that didn't match the other albums concept.


New remastered version includes redesigned cover art and a flow revision adding 4 new unreleased tracks from that period. Remastered at The Blue_Room 2003. Sound sources include: synths, samples, field recordings & voices

All tracks composed, performed, arranged and produced by Ran Kirlian 1999 - 2003 at The Kennel and The Blue_Room. Additional environments by Patrick van de Ven (2001)

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