Track list:

1.- First Hours4:13
2.- Aerthanna10:10
3.- Crimson Trees14:05
4.- Formations I8:43
5.- Dark Territories11:41
6.- Forgotten Survivor6:11
7.- Quh Ong I8:43
8.- Quh Ong II6:52

Complete set: 70:45 

Formations defines a journey to the core of Ran Kirlian's tribal-ambient landscapes prevously visited on albums like Sleeper, Melting Point and Limbo. With a continuous flow of expansive and complex soundscapes accompanied by subtle melodies and tribal grooves, this album conforms an excellent immersive process in to the electro-acoustic tribal flavours of Ran Kirlian musical career.

Most of the music of Formations is based on live improvisations subjected to a large evolutionary process, including the high privilege of counting with the ambient master Max Corbacho on the final mastering process.


Sound sources includes analog and digital synthesizers, samplers, overtone voices, flutes, wind chimes, bells, percussion, rocks, sand and processed field recordings and found sounds.

All music composed, performed, recorded and mixed by Ran Kirlian at The Blue_Room between 2009 and 2011. Mastered by Max Corbacho in Barcelona, 2012. Pictures, digital images and cover art design by Ran Kirlian.

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