Fade Out

Track list:

1.- Movement 18:25
2.- Movement 24:30
3.- Movement 3mp3 download11:12
4.- Movement 44.44
5.- Movement 514:01
6.- Movement 62:04
7.- Movement 7mp3 download7:16
8.- Movement 8mp3 download26:34

Complete set: 78:46 

Intimate drifting work, floating and space ambient without rhythms and grooves. Synthesizers have here a huge presence, building melodic structures, sometimes far away from the darkness I touch in other works. Recorded using new gear and improved techniques at Blue_Room during winter/spring 2003.


Sound sources includes: analog and digital synthesizers, samples and field recordings

All tracks composed, performed, recorded and produced by Ran Kirlian at the Blue_Room, 2002-2003

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