Ethernautica V

Track list:

1.- Movement I23:22
2.- Movement II23:50
3.- Movement III27:24

Complete set: 74:36 

Fifth instance in the series of recordings based in long format drones and processed raw material. This volume contains three medium size pieces as a result of a series of recording sessions and several evolving process during 2020. These tracks were originally created as inspirational source for my own as well as for meditative purposes. These pieces are usually generated by layers of loops, time stretched motifs and real time recordings, with the addition of lots of effects. They may often sound a bit raw and unpredictible, but it is part of the spirit of these recording series.


All music composed, performed, mixed and produced by Ran Kirlian
Recorded at The Blue_Room between March and December 2020
Cover art and layout design by Ran Kirlian

Available at Bandcamp


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