Ending of an Era

Track list:

1.- Shadows among the trees8:07
2.- A Mist Spreading6:02
3.- Incertitude4:43
4.- Hopes7:01
5.- Towards the Future 8:57

Complete set: 34:50 

I composed and recorded this mini album during 2020 chritmas days with the intention of shaping the feelings that this intense and terrible year 2020 left in me and, especially, recapitulating our passage through one of the darkest and most intense chapters of our civilization: the Covid-19 global pandemic.

The small and insignificant tracks collected here were born as a result of experimenting with various audio applications for both iOS and Windows recorded on the fly and without much editing with the intention of portraying the harshness and intensity of this era that we have had to live with greater or less fortune.

Dedicated to all the people lost and found during Covid-19 pandemic.


released January 1, 2021

All music by Ran Kirlian Recorded at The_Blue_Room, Dec 2020

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