Track list:

1.- Amalgama4:20
2.- Dark Matter11:45
3.- W-M315:34
4.- Atmosfear4:23
5.- Syrtis Major7:19
6.- Dissolution6:21
7.- Deflection5:06
8.- Labyrinth6:55
9.- Selenium12:07
10.- Inconnu5:22
11.- Murder6:10

Complete set: 75:29 

Dissolution is the new exploration into dark ambient realms by Ran Kirlian after four years in the making and several sound experiments and project evolutions. The result is a collection of 11 new tracks exploring sound in a very organic way, where synth drones melts with environmental noises, acoustic sounds and voices to create soundworlds that drives the listener from the deeps of the earth to the cosmic void.


This album collects music from very different periods between years 2005 and 2009, mostly based on dark ambient and minimalist soundscapes and sometimes based on improvisation

Sound sources includes synthesizers, samplers, effect processors, bells, flutes, singing bowls, voices & treated found sounds

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