Track list:

1.- Amos Neheran Arr3:47
2.- Apeiron8:50
3.- Ikuinen Mitätön9:51
4.- Messier 834:45
5.- Continuum15:15
6.- Stella Ignea10:10
7.- Órbita6:37
8.- Momentum12:56

Complete set: 72:17 

After five years in the making and a strong process of depuration that left behind music enough for a triple album, Continuum marks the return of Ran Kirlian to space ambient atmospheres and ethereal soundscapes, collecting music recorded from 2005 to 2010 and finally mixed and mastered during 2011.

This album is a deep and intimate voyage that offers a continuos flow of evolving soundscapes and harmonic structures both from the outer space and the inner void.


All music composed, performed, produced and recorded by Ran Kirlian at The Blue_Room 2005-2010. Sound sources include: analogic and digital synthesizers, samplers, treated sounds and field recordings.

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