There are Many Futures

Track list:

1.- Down the River06:08
2.- Here Gather the Stars05:52
3.- Faith of Our Fathers06:25
4.- The Sentinel05:01
5.- The Dowry of Angyar08:04
6.- Dormant Soul05:37
7.- Others Eyes Watching08:12
8.- Surface Tension08:18
9.- Not Long Before the End07:01
10.- Something Strange04:49

Complete set: 65:27 

This album is a compilation of tracks from the series of mini-albums named Many Futures, which basically collects my musical and sonic impressions around years of science fiction literature reading, especially short stories.

More than just a soundtrack for those stories, these tracks are my personal vision of the future portrayed by the authors. That's where the series title comes from, as the music contained in this and further volumes flows around the many alternative futures of the humankind.

These tracks were inspired by reading of the homonym short stories:

- Down the River by Mack Reynolds, Published in Starling Stories (1950)
- Here Gather the Stars by Clifford D. Simak. Published in Galaxy Magazine (1963)
- Faith of Our Fathers by Philip K. Dick. Published in the anthology Dangerous Visions (1967)
- The Sentinel by Sir Arthur Charles Clarke. Included in the book Expedition to Earth (1953)
- The Dowry of Angyar by Ursula K. Le Guin, Published in Amazing Stories (1962)
- Dormant Soul by Josephine Saxton, Published in The Magazine of Fantasy and Science Fiction (1969)
- Other Eyes Watching by John W. Campbell, Published in Astounding Stories (1937)
- Surface Tension by James Blish. Published in Galaxy Science Fiction (1952)
- Not Long Before the End by Larry Niven, Published in The Magazine of Fantasy and Science Fiction (1969)
- Something Strange by Kingsley Amis. Published in The Magazine of Fantasy and Science Fiction (1961)

Released September 1, 2023


All music composed, arranged and produced by Ran Kirlian.
Recorded at The_BlueRoom, 2018-2023
Cover artwork by Ran Kirlian & Midjourney

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