Quarantine Sessions Vol 1

Track list:

1.- Session 1 - March 19th, 2020 63:21

Complete set: 63:21 

This album captures an improvissed live performance recorded at The Blue_Room on 15th March 2020 during Covid-19 home confinement.
The recording has no editions or overdubs and have minimal corrections and treatment beyond mastering in order to preserve the essence of the experience.
Watch the video performance on Youtube


Tools: - Minimal Eurorack System: noises, drones & random flavours - Access Virus Indigo + Roland JP 8080 + Waldorf XT: drones, pads and lead - Access Virus Indigo 2 (Redback): drones and lead on part 5 - TC Electronic MS3000: reverb

All the music and sounds recorded live by Ran Kirlian.

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