Silences - Under the starry cloak

Track list:

1.- Iftur6:46
2.- Utts8:25
3.- Ennha9:11

Complete set: 24:24 

This mini-album, with a somewhat experimental sound, belongs to a new series entitled "Silences", with which I intend to explore and share my perception of certain sound spaces through different processes of digital sound creation. In most of these tracks the common denominator is the eventual presence of silences (or absence of sound) to shape certain textures. This does not necessarily mean that it is a silent work; silence can also be noisy ...

This series do not have any associated number, but a long sentence as a title; That's because they are not meant to be heard in a specific order, but rather are completely independent works, each with its own personality.

This mini-album was available only during 1 week in August 2020 as a gift for the purchase of the album Dronescapes I


All music composed, performed and recorded by Ran Kirlian at The_Blueroom, 2020
Cover images and layout by Ran Kirlian

Not available


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