Sidereus Nuncius

Track list:

1.- The Messenger9:48
2.- Medicea Sidera12:47
3.- Celestial mechanics14:04
4.- Elliptical Orbit22:15
5.- Carina Nebula19:33

Complete set: 78:30 

Sidereus Nuncius (Sidereal Messenger), is a space ambient album which borrows its title from one of the most important astronomical treatise in the world wrote by Galileo Galilei in 1610. While having its own character, it may sounds like a natural continuation of Cosmos, my collaborative album with Jaja from 2013, and it even includes the participation of my dear cosmonautical friend.

I have developed this album as an ode to the vastness of space and to the process of its investigation throughout our history, with its successes and its miseries. Its development over the last few months has provided me with an escape route that has allowed me to travel light-years away without leaving my studio.


Ran Kirlian: analog and digital synthesizers, samplers and field recordings
Jaja: synthesizers on Elliptical Orbit

All music composed and performed by Ran Kirlian between 2019 and 2020 (with the collaboration of jaja on Elliptical orbit track)
Recorded and mixed at The Blue_Room, 2019-2020 Mastered and produced by Ran Kirlian
Album cover image: Carina Nebula captured by Hubble (2010)
Layout and image edition by Ran Kirlian

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