Primordial Stages

Track list:

1.- Chemical Dawn6:51
2.- Primordial Pond3:05
3.- Early Stages12:22
4.- Protocell I10:05
5.- Twilight Garden7:41
6.- Protocell II11:15
7.- Cosmic Dust13:23
8.- Biogenesis6:52

Complete set: 71:38 

Primordial Stages is a dark-ambient album that I've started recording more than 10 years ago, in parallel to Dissolution, and it suffered and long and hard evolution process during all these years. However it remains faithful to the original idea, inspired by the early stages of life. This means that it sometimes sounds dark and cold and sometimes impredictible, raw and even noisy, making its listening an unique experience, just like life is.


All music composed and performed by Ran Kirlian between 2009 and 2019
Recorded and mixed at The Blue_Room, 2009-2019
Mastered and produced by Ran Kirlian Album cover layout and images by Ran Kirlian

Access Virus Indigo Redback, Creamware Pro 12, Roland JD 800, Roland JP 8080, Sonic Forest, TC Electronic M-One, TC Electronic M3000

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