Outside of Time

Track list:

1.- Outside of Time65:38

Complete set: 65:38 

'Outside of Time' is an immersive sound exploration beyond time and space, where staticity doesn't stop evolving, the limits of reality blur and the mundane vanishes on a dense and warm dream.

With this album, I invite you on a journey into an alternate dimension where nothing is as it seems, allowing the listener to (hopefully) escape from earthly limitations and drift into a state of pure bliss and deep introspection.


released May 4, 2023

All music created, arranged and produced by Ran Kirlian
Recorded in The_BlueRoom between 2002 and 2023
Cover art and layout by Ran Kirlian & Midjourney

Album recorded and released at 48kHz and 24 bits

Available at Bandcamp


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