Many Futures V

Track list:

1.- Proxima Centauri05:27
2.- The Sun's Tears02:52
3.- Scarlet Dream07:38
4.- Surface Tension08:39

Complete set: 24:38 

Many Futures is a series of minialbums that collect my musical and sonic impressions around years of science fiction literature reading. More than just a soundtrack for those stories, these tracks are my personal vision of the future portrayed by the authors. That's where the series title comes from, as the music contained in this and further volumes flows around the many alternative futures of the humankind.

Issue 5 includes sonic landscapes inspired by sci fi short stories created by Murray Leinster, Brian Stableford, Catherine Lucille Moore and James Blish.

Released December 1, 2022


Tools: Delta-V SpaceCraft, apeSoft iPulsaret & iDensity, Tardigrain, iMusicAlbum SoundScaper, Spacefileds, M-RGT PsyBox, Korg Z1, Access Virus Indigo & TC Electronic M-One

Composed, performed, recorded and mastered by Ran Kirlian at The Blue_Room, 2022 Cover art and layout by Ran Kirlian & Midjourney

Album recorded and released at 48kHz and 24 bits

Available at Bandcamp


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