Dronescapes I

Track list:

1.- Phase II 36:27
2.- Phase V40:50
3.- Phase III29:26
4.- Phase IV26:02
5.- Phase VI22:30
6.- Dronescapes I (Deconstruction Mix) 57:44
7.- Dronescapes I (Drone flow mix)51:38

Complete set: 4:24:38 

This album collects a selection of five pieces originated from the exploration voices and field recordings combined with synthesizers and effects from a drone perspective. The result is an evolving combination of living sounds floating on a suspended acoustic bioma in long format pieces.

This release, originally conceived as a 2CD album, includes two bonus tracks (of 50+ mins each one) expanding the sonic range of this work:

* Dronescapes I (Deconstruction Mix): a totally different approach to the album where most of the soundworlds are mixed together without the original drone recordings
* Dronescapes I (Drone flow mix): an alternative mix of the drone recordings in continuous flow


All music composed, recorded and performed by Ran Kirlian Mixed and mastered at The_BlueRoom, 2019-2020

Tools: analogic & digital machines, voices and treated field recordings

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